Issue Summary: Datafile Flynn HISJX Newport HBIS Upload Actual 2022-07.csv showing incomplete data/records or missing some accounts

Datafile Flynn HISJX Newport HBIS Upload Actual 2022-07.csv processed successfully, but records for some accounts aren’t showing up at all and others are only showing up for some months.

For example, account: 501, OU: HISJX, is showing data for only 10 months of the year, when there are records for all 12 months (April and December are missing).

Account 508 for the same OU isn’t showing up at all even though the account is in the account table.

I submitted another ticket late last week that included this request, but I’m submitting again separately, since the other issues have been resolved and this one has not.

This is the same OU/datafile for which there were some duplicate accounts and I set the old accounts to dept verify 86 and mapped the new ones to the same place. I think that is what caused the issue, the process is running, but for some reason not picking up all the records related to accounts I had deleted.

Issue Status: Issue Solved
Urgency: (1) High
Ticket Number: CAS-387496-K5J3N3
Created Date: August 21, 2022
Last Updated: August 22, 2022
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