Issue Summary: Removed Duplicate Hersha Accounts

I noticed several duplicate accounts in the Hersha chart of accounts (Operating Units 271, 272, 198, and TST10). I set the extra, unwanted account to Dept Verify 86, but please be sure all relevant records are correctly mapped to the remaining department so there is no department mismatch issues. Accounts are listed below for reference.

Account Department Action
41004990-1000 HMHB1000 Keep
41004990-1000 HMHB19000 Remove
44501970-4500 HMHB1200 Remove
44501970-4500 HMHB6050 Keep
44501980-4500 HMHB1200 Remove
44501980-4500 HMHB6050 Keep
44501985-4500 HMHB1200 Remove
44501985-4500 HMHB6050 Keep
44501990-4500 HMHB1200 Remove
44501990-4500 HMHB6050 Keep
53100100-3100 HMHB2601 Keep
53100100-3100 HMHB3110 Remove
54501110-4500 HMHB6030 Remove
54501110-4500 HMHB6050 Keep
76608320-6600 HMHB1000 Remove
76608320-6600 HMHB11000 Keep
76608330-6600 HMHB11000 Keep
76608330-6600 HMHB12000 Remove

Issue Status: Issue Solved
Urgency: (2) Normal
Ticket Number: CAS-388497-M0M5P0
Created Date: January 8, 2023
Last Updated: January 9, 2023
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