Issue Summary: Add YTD and ROY (Rest of Year) to Date dimension

Would be great to have unique filter options for each YTD and ROY period. One new folder for all 11 YTD filters and another new folder for all 11 ROY filters. Let me know if this isn’t possible or needs further discussion. Thanks

Jan YTD – Feb ROY
Feb YTD – Mar ROY
Mar YTD – Apr ROY
Apr YTD – May ROY
May YTD – Jun ROY
Jun YTD – Jul ROY
Jul YTD – Aug ROY
Aug YTD – Sep ROY
Sep YTD – Oct ROY
Oct YTD – Nov ROY
Nov YTD – Dec ROY

Issue Status: Issue Solved
Urgency: (2) Normal
Ticket Number: CAS-387819-N8H5B4
Created Date: September 30, 2022
Last Updated: May 24, 2023
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